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Reflective Sheeting
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Night-time Visibility of Commercial/Engineer Grade,
High Intensity Prismatic and Diamond Grade Sheeting
Reflective sheeting, engineer grade, high intensity, diamond grade
engineer grade sheeting
Engineer Grade Sheeting               

Enclosed lens reflective sheeting with
pressure sensitive adhesive backing for
application to standard traffic sign.

In January 2008, a final ruling went into
effect regarding minimum reflectivity. With
the exception of the Parking series, Adopt A
Highway, Brown Informational or Blue
Informational series, ALL SIGNS including
Street Name I.D. Signs must be
manufactured with a minimum High Intensity
Prismatic Reflective sheeting. For more
information go to
High Intensity Prismatic Grade Sheeting

Non-metalized micro prismatic lens reflective
sheeting designed for production of reflective
durable traffic control signs. When applied to
properly prepared sign substrates, High Intensity
Prismatic Sheeting provides long-term reflectivity
and durability, with an improved optical package to
increase nighttime safety.
Diamond Grade 3 (Diamond Grade
Cubed) Reflective Sheeting  

With pressure sensitive adhesive is a super-high
efficiency, full cube retroreflective sheeting
designed for production of traffic control signs and
delineators that are exposed vertically in service.
Providing long-term reflectivity and durability, DG3
sheeting is designed to have the highest
retroreflective characteristics at medium and short
distances as determined by the RA values of 0.5
and 1.0 degree observation angles.
diamond grade reflective sheeting
Diamond Grade Fluorescent DG3
Series 4083 Fluorescent Yellow Green

is color-approved in the U.S. for signs warning of the presence
crossing sign. Guaranteed to retain at least 50% of its original
specified brightness, even after seven years. Seven-year field
performance life.

Pedestrian, Bicycle, and School signs and their related
plaques should now be in Flourescent Yellow Green
sheeting to comply with the MUTCD 2003 regulations.  
Series 3924S Fluorescent Orange

wide angle prismatic reflective sheeting designed for use on
rigid substrate work zone signs to provide high visual impact
under nighttime and daytime driving conditions. Highly visible
under nighttime and daytime driving conditions including low
visibility periods such as dawn, dusk and overcast days.
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