Plasticade A-Frame Barricade

    Plasticade A-frame & Board Barricades

    42” A-frames hold one or two I-beams in 6’, 8’
    or 10’ lengths. Your choice of high intensity
    prismatic or diamond grade sheeting.
Type 1 Barricade

  Type One Barricade

    24” x 12” reflective top panel.  24” x 6” painted
    bottom panel.  ½” treated plywood or plastic
    panel and 45” I4 gauge painted steel legs are
    used in manufacturing our barricades. Our
    Barricade meet NCHRP 350 crash test
    guidelines.  Available in engineer and high
    intensity prismatic grade sheeting.  Light is
    available as a flasher or steadyburn.  
Type 3 Barricade

  Type Three Barricades

    5’ tall x 8’ wide. ¾” plastic panels are mounted on
    angle iron feet that meet NCHRP 350 crash test
    guidelines. Panels can be sheeted on one side or two
    sides with High Intensity Prismatic grade sheeting.
    Lights available as flashers or steadyburns.

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Barricades & Channelizers
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Fibercade Barricade

Available in a Type I & Type II  
barricade. Can be purchased   
fully assembled or by  
components. Meets M.U.T.C.D
standards. Lights can also be  
mounted to unit.


This sandfillable unit folds   
flat for convenient storage.
Available with reflective  
sheeting or your choice of
sign legends. 45" H X 13" W
Sandfillable Barricade

Available in Type I or Type II  
barricade. Type I barricade
can be customized to include
your company or village name.
Meets M.U.T.C.D. standards.
45" H X 24" W
A-Frame Barricade

A-Frame Barricade

24" X 12" reflective top panel & 24" X     
6" Painted bottom panel. 1/2" treated    
plywood or plastic panel and 45" 14       
gauge steel legs are used in                  
manufacturing our A-Frames.
Available in engineer and high
intensity prismatic grade sheeting.
May be purchased with one bolt if you
intend to install your own lights.
Channelizer Drum

Channelizer Drum

Drum is a minimum of 18"
wide throughout its 36"
height. Your choice of three
bases & can be purchased
with or without a light.
Standard Base
Standard Base
San-Fil Base
San-Fil Base
Recycled Rubber Base
Recycled Rubber


Cones are made with flexible
low density polyethylene and
are available in a 28" or 42"
height. Stackable for storage
and transport. Accessories  
Grabber-Cone 28

Grabber-Tube 28"

28" Tube with 12 lb
recycled rubber base.
Convenient handle
design allows for easy
movement and
Grabber-Cone 42

Grabber-Tube 42"

42" Tube with 12 lb
recycled rubber base.
Convenient handle
design allows for easy
movement and

Dura Post

Posts are 36" tall and    
available with one, two or
three bands or one or two
surface mount base or soil

Surface Mount Base

Base is available in 8" size and can be
mounted to asphalt or concrete
surface using an adhesive pad or
epoxy kit.

Soil Anchor Kit

Anchor is available in 8", 14", 18" and
24". Fasteners included.


Signicade is 25" w X 45" h
and can hold a sign 24" w X
36' h. Stand is sand-fillable
to help keep sign in place.
Comes in your choice of
white, yellow or orange


Is a 42" all plastic cone that
can be ballasted with a 10,
16 or 30 lb. Recycled
Rubber Base
Trafix Big Sandy Impact Attenuator Sand Barrels

Now there is an Impact Attenuator that is easy to move and provides external verification of the barrels
correct weight and sand.

~Different configurations are used to create all of the weights used in current standard array
geometries (200, 400,700,1400 and 2100 lbs).

~Sand leaking is eliminated because each sand container is one piece-no edge seal.

~Shipping, storing, and installation is easy because there are no cone inserts

Vertical Panel 33000 Series

24"x 12" Traffix Vertical Panel
Barricade with light and 43lb.
recycled rubber base

Vertical Panel 34000 Series

24"x 8" Traffix Vertical Panel
Barricade with light and 43lb.
Recycled rubber base.

Messages and Legends

A wide variety of messages and
legend can be printed on one or
two sides of the panel. Engineer,
high performance or diamond
grade reflective sheeting is
available. Ideal fro parking lots,
schools, churches or in-plant

Step-n-Lock Panel

Six locking buttons are molded into the
panel and correspond to six matching
recesses molded in the base. Simply step
down on the foot hole to lock the panel in
place. The Step-n Lock design ensures
the panel will remain vertically locked in
place and "square to traffic." Panel sizes,
messages and legends can be intermixed
with either the 28 or 43lb base.

Rubber Base

Made from 100% recycled
rubber, the base incorporates
two easy-grip carrying handles.
Traffix Premier Panels
Premier Panel is an all plastic and rubber vertical panel barricade that is designed to take repeated impacts with
little or no damage to the premier panel or to the impacting vehicle.
Model 40236-W-HI20

White 8"x 36"
refelctive sheeting
and 20 lb recycled
rubber base
Model 40229-O-HI30

Orange 8"x 29"
trapezoid reflective
sheeting and 30 lb
recycled rubber base
Model 40224-O-HI20

White 8"x 24"
reflective sheeting
and 20 lb recycled
rubber base
Model 40236-O-EG30-S

Orange 8"x 36"  
reflective sheeting and
SLOW message and  30
lb recycled rubber base.
TrafFix Water-Wall™

Tested and certified to meet the crashworthy requirements of NCHRP-350

•  Durable Polyethylene plastic prevents cracking and breaking
•  Molded through forklift holes eliminates bowing when filled with water
•  Double wall knuckle design prevents breakage at hinge points
•  Hinge design allows for a 30-degree pivot between sections
•  8" Fill hole speeds filling process, includes twist-lock plastic cap
•  Large tamper proof plastic threaded water release drain and plug at bottom corner
•  Includes one steel-connecting pin that allows sections to be locked together
•  Forklift and pallet jack through holes and recesses for easy movement
•  Additional colors available upon request
•  Will accept plastic or chain-link fence (with extended connector pins)


Length                                 6'
Height                                32"
Width                                 18"
Weight (empty)                  80 lbs    
Weight (filled w/water)   1,110 lbs
Material                      Linear Low
Color                          Orange/Red
                        or White
TrafFix Sentry™Water-Cable Barrier Wall

• The Sentry™ Water-Cable Barrier Wall has been tested and passed all TL-2 & TL-3 light
weight 1,807lbs (820kg) and heavy weight 4,409 lbs (2,000kg) impacts at 45mph (70kph)and
62.5mph (100kph) impacts.

• Sentry™, when filled with 242 gallons (9160 liters) of water weights approximately 2,000lbs
(907kg), and is 42" (107cm) tall, 72" (183cm) long and 22.5" (57cm) wide.

• Sentry's™ eleven interlocking knuckles on each end are positively linked together with a 1 1/8"
(3cm) diameter galvanized hollow steel T-pin with a steel keeper at the bottom end.

• Integrally molded into the Sentry™ are four 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter stranded steel cables,
galvanized for corrosion resistance. These (4) cables prevent the impacting vehicle from
penetrating the barrier wall. At each cable end is a corrosion resistant steel bushing.

• The bushing is wrapped 360º around its O.D. with a loop of the 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter stranded
steel cable. The bushing and cable assemblies are integrally molded into the connecting lugs, at
four of the lug positions, at each end of the barrier wall.