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    Banding Material

    Stainless steel banding is stocked in various sizes typical
    to the municipal and sign industry along with a large
    inventory of straight and flared leg brackets, clips, buckles
    and banding tools.
Snap Lock Assembly

    Snap Lock Assembly

    9/16" x 40" strap length to fit large sized square or round
    posts. Requires a flat-tip screwdriver or hex nut driver for
    easy installation.

Hardware | Banding Materials

    #18 Rivet for
    delineator posts

    #26 Rivet for 2# U-
    Channel posts

    #34 Rivet for 3# and
    4# U-Channel posts

    3/8" Drive Rivet

    Attaches sign to
    square post.

    5/16" Tufnut

    Tufnut Steel Security Nuts are fastened
    with regular tools. They can be installed
    as tightly as desired but are removable for
    maintenance, and are reusable.

    5/16" Turned
    Eye Bolt   

    Used with folding stop

    5/16" Corner Bolt

    Attaches square posts
    together for a
    breakaway assembly.

    5/16" Knurled

    5/16" standard zinc
    plated steel - knurled
    with 5/32" socket

    5/16" Hex Jam Nut    

    For use with corner
    bolt on square post

    5/16" Button Head
    Pinned Socket  

    Vandal proof bolt.

    Tufbolt Security Bolt

    Are the same as a carriage bolt without a
    square neck beneath the head. They are
    used for metal to metal fastenings where the
    square neck of a regular carriage bolt won't fit
    into a drilled hole. On a sign installation, the
    Tufbolt does not damage the bond between
    the reflective sheeting and the substrate.
Hex Bolt

    5/16" Hex Bolt

    2-1/2" zinc plated steel
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5/16" Breakaway Nut

Aluminum nut requires a
standard wrench for
installation. When nut is
tight, keep twisting to
break off hex head.
Fluted Nut

5/16" Fluted Nut

Vandal-Resistant nut.
Requires a #T2
installation tool.

Vandal Proof & Security Hardware

    Tufnut Washer

    Protects surfaces from damage when a
    Tufnut is used on the front face of an
    assembly. Oversized Nylon washers fit under
    the base of a Tufnut to prevent damage by
    abrasion as the nut is tightened.

Tufbolt Washer

Are used under the head of
the Tufbolt and One-way
bolt to protect surfaces
from abrasion.

Carriage Bolt Adapters

Allow use of any length
carriage bolt where you
would otherwise use a
Tufbolt. The adapters raise
the neck of the carriage
bolt so it doesn't touch the
sign face or work surface.

Carriage Bolt

Are recommended for use
with Tufnut security
hardware in all situations
where the square neck is
not a problem. The Round
head is difficult to grasp,
while the square neck
prevents the bolt from

One-Way Bolt

Are security bolts which
can be held with a
screwdriver to prevent
turning during installation,
but can't be "unscrewed".

Tufscrew Systems

Replace lag bolts where
security is needed. Each
system includes Tufnut
security nuts, double
threaded Tufscrews, Tufnut
washer and steel acorn
driver nuts.

Tufbolt Systems

For U-Channel and square
metal posts combine
Tufbolts, Tufbolt washers,
and Tufbolt Security nuts in
one package. During
installation, you can easily
hold the tail of the Tufbolt
with your hand or a pliers
to keep it from turning until

Marion Post Washers

Fill the Space in the groove
of a rib-back post, denying
access to the base of the
Tufnut, while making
installation easier.